Augustino Magritta

Duque of Javeá


Augustino looks very manly with a hint of boyish charm. He has a touch of gray in his hair, in a way that only enhances his looks. He is clean-shaven, wears well-made clothes, and smells of fine cologne.


Augustino is the second son of Miguel Adolpho Magritta and thinks highly of his father. He does not get along well with his brother or his aunt Sandra Ibáñez. During a recent journey from Magritta to his duchy in Javeá he was beset by banditos and was protected by Emilo Milano, the youngest House Guard ever employed by Miguel Adolpho Magritta.

Personality: Augustino is very jaded; nothing is a surprise to him anymore. He has a compulsion for women and makes his intentions towards them quite clear.

Background: He was born into the royal family. His position and wealth allowed him to see and try anything he wished. He has met great heroes, acquired fantastic items of art, and bedded women of many nationalities. He now has a sizable area under his direct rule, but finds all of it boring. He will meet with anyone who has something novel to share.

Augustino Magritta

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