Emilo Milano

Estalian Diestro


A tall youth with corn hair and grey-blue eyes.


Emilo Milano was born into humble beginnings from a small farming village, inland of Torrosa. Although short of fortune they never starved of pride. His father Alicio was once a Diestro and served as a house guard for the Vargas family. After losing his left leg in the line of service saving Señor Vargas from a short lived yet violent revolt, the generous lord gave a respectable pension for him to retire upon. Emilo like all boys of Estalia dreamed of becoming a famed Diestro. But where the other children’s dream would thin with age Emilo’s desire was unwavering. Each day following his chores he’d walk 10 miles to the nearest fencing school and practice well into the night.

Shortly into his 16th year Emilo grew impatient to wait any longer for his life to begin. Against his father’s wishes he left the small village and moved to the grand city of Magritta. Each morning Emilo would seek out the Captain of the house guard Lorenzo García and pledge his service to Miguel Adolpho Magritta. At first the captain was amused by this country boy’s nerve to seek services as a Diestro to the city’s greatest noble family. When asked why Emilo would seek out the greatest house first, he earnestly replied this was not the first, it was the only house he sought and that any lessor house would be a waste of his skill and thus an insult to the Goddess.

This continued morning after morning for months before the captain broke down and gave him a position as a simple gate house guard, figuring the boy was already spending more time there then his own men. Once with his foot into the door Emilo’s ambition only grew. After a full year of volunteering for every assignment, no matter the danger or discomfort, Emilo was given a chance to prove himself.

In what should have been a simple task of escorting the lord’s second son Augustino Magritta from Jaivea to Magritta proved to be anything but. On their second day of travel they were set upon by banditos. After killing two they made their move for escape.

Following the safe return of Lord Margarita’s son, Emilo was personally thanked by the Miguel Adolpho Magritta and made the youngest house guard the Magrittas have ever had.

Emilo Milano

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