Esteban Montoya

Inquisition Member


He is older, slightly stooped, with a full head of gray hair and calloused hands. Esmikri dresses to humbly, often as an old traveler making a pilgrimage.


As a member of the Inquisition he is seen as an authority figure. His humble attire and soft spoken mannerisms, however, lead many people to believe that he is slow witted and an outcast of the Inquisition.

He is often seen in the company of Antonio Vargas, a council member of the Inquisition.

Personality: He’s a dedicated man, a seeker of truth. He believes in the rey, but the injustices he’s seen weigh heavily on his heart.

Background: Raised in a cloister until he was nine, Esteban brilliant observations marked him for inquisitorial service. He was sent to boarding school, where he studied inquisition law for seven years. After testing, Esteban joined the rey’s secret police and began watching the local inquisition. He’s done so mostly unobtrusively, visiting the cities and talking with common folk. His reports have led to several noblemen being chastised by the bureaucracy—one by the rey himself!

Esteban Montoya

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