Lorenzo García

Captain of the House Guard


Lorenzo’s tunic fits him snugly, and the scar on his face only adds a touch of experience and harshness to his demeanor. Lorenzo’s face sometimes shows the smallest hint of compassion, but it’s pushed aside quickly.


Personality: Lorenzo feels compassion and does not enjoy his position. He understands the big-picture implications and will not yield to a course of action that dooms his men or Miguel Adolpho Magritta’s kingdom.

Background: Lorenzo did not relish being put in charge of the Diestro, but seeing the kingdom’s peril, he realized that someone with long term goals needed to be in that position. Lorenzo has been systematically training and leading his men to battle, but has also kept channels for diplomatic solutions open. He does not relish the deaths, but would rather be responsible hundreds of deaths than see thousands suffer.

Lorenzo García

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