Miguel Adolpho Magritta

Rey Magritta - King of Magritta


Distinguished older man with grey hair and beard.


Miguel Adolpho Magritta is the highest ranking noble in Estalia. He is the local lord and controls the whole of the area surrounding the city of Magritta, some say he controls the whole of southern Estalia.

Rey Magritta has several important people working for him: Peneford DeAbuville who maintains the day to day workings of the kingdom of Magritta, Lorenzo García the captain of the House Guard are two of these. There is also a notable young noble Lorenzo de la Vega, who is in his employ.

His cousin Sandra Ibáñez rules Almagora as Baronessa and his eldest son Luiras Lashvale Magritta is the Conde of Solsona.

Miguel Adolpho Magritta

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