Patrizia Costa

Sensuous Courtier


Her raven hair and olive complexion accent her allure. She is shorter than average, but so exotic-looking that she stands out even in the company of other beautiful women. The more resplendent the gown she wears, the more beguiling she appears.


Personality: She has a zest for life, and passion for every affair. Intrigue is second nature to her.

Background: Patrizia is a minor courtier hoping to advance her position by acting as a spy. She plays the role of a foreign emissary on holiday, seeing the sites, sampling local wines and foods. She entertains local nobles with salons and parties, engaging in affairs and dalliances. She is here to make an account of the rey’s troop strength and the competency of his local commanders. When abroad she gauges the sentiment of the common folk to see if she can sow discord.

Patrizia Costa

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