Peneford DeAbuville

Barón of Magritta


Barón Peneford is sharp featured, with a balding head and a hook nose. He wears a fine doublet of green and gold, tight-fitting leather breeches, and a chaperon trimmed with fox fur.


Peneford runs the day-to-day affairs of Magritta. He has close ties to Patrizia Costa a woman who knows things and Lorenzo García the captain of the House Guard.

Personality: He believes himself a keeper of knowledge and superior to others. It’s what he can’t share with the simpletons around him that truly bothers him.

Background: The Order of the Nine is a privileged secret society that steers governments and individuals according to their mostly benign agenda. Peneford’s wealth and parentage assured his ascension into the order, and his penchant for maintaining loyalty at all costs won him the position of legate. As the legate for the Order of the Nine, he’s tasked with preserving their time-honored rituals and ferreting out those who would oppose their plans. To this end, Peneford has been well trained in martial arts—which surprises many who cross steel with this academician.

Peneford DeAbuville

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