Ramona Harrigan

Information Broker


Ramona has a middle-aged, friendly face, and her clothing is forever ink-spattered.


Personality: She never forgets a piece of information, and Ramona has an uncanny ability to connect the lines between seemingly unrelated events.

Background: Once an official in the city’s government, she quickly realized the supposed democratic process of the city was corrupted by the inquisition to an irredeemable degree. Seeing no way to change the system from within, Ramona left her office and began an underground newspaper, but that is only half the story. Ramona hears everything from everyone—urchins, thieves, prostitutes, merchants, political figures, and even the inquisition she works against come to her to trade information and determine opponent’s strategies. With the tiniest tidbit of information, she is able to make connections and sort out the truth of most situations. She is always willing to share this information with those who might make a positive force for change in the city. This sometimes gets her into trouble with those who would keep their business secret, but Ramona is smart enough to not print dangerous information, only coyly spread it for the greater good.

Ramona Harrigan

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