Tag: diestro


  • Emilo Milano

    Emilo Milano was born into humble beginnings from a small farming village, inland of Torrosa. Although short of fortune they never starved of pride. His father Alicio was once a [[Estalian Diestro|Diestro]] and served as a house guard for the Vargas …

  • Dardo Bartoli

    Whether a foundling brat given a singular chance, or the secret son of a secret mistress, the only certain truth is that he was trained by the best. Knowing no other life, he will give his for those few who judge him by his skill and not his parentage.

  • Ramiro Conti

    "The kiss of a pretty woman... the look of fine clothes, the joy of good drinks and good friends... the smell of your enemies blood on your blade... Hahah... Ah de simple pleasures of life are not so complicate... no? I am Ramiro Conti, first of that …