Knights of the Blazing Sun


Founded in Estilia following the defeat of Arabian forces holding the Temple of Myrmidia, Estalia remains the home to the largest concentration of members of this order with its members often offering their aid in military campaigns across the nation and the Old World. One of the founding mottos being the phrase “Brethren in Arms” the order regards any man or women regardless of birth or parentage as equal as long as they prove their worth on the field of battle. This has brought the order directly in conflict with members of the rigid Bretonnian system of Knighthood, which the members of the Blazing Sun regard as foolish and wasteful.

The Knights of the Blazing Sun are an order of templars devoted to the cult of Myrmidia – Goddess of warfare and protector of civilization. They were founded during the Crusades in IC 1457, over 1000 years ago. In a street battle against the Arabyans in Estalia, a group of Imperial knights were saved from certain defeat when a freak earth tremor dislodged a huge statue of Myrmidia from a temple roof. It crashed to the ground and landed on the enemy general and his bodyguard, killing them instantly. After the battle, the survivors banded together and founded the Order of the Blazing Sun in Myrmidia’s honor.

Since it was established, the order has spread throughout The Empire, and is one of the most prominent of the knightly orders. Unlike most other templar orders, its members do not reside in large chapter houses; instead they travel the land individually or in small groups, looking for new challenges to test their skills. They are well versed in the use of arms and armor, but their true expertise is as tacticians and strategists, and they often serve as military advisers and commanders on the battlefield. Throughout the Empire, countless villages, farms and isolated outposts owe their survival to the timely arrival (and subsequent assumption of command) by a Knight of the Blazing Sun.


The Knight of the Blazing Sun’s attacks and abilities are designed more to inspire and protect their allies than to weaken and destroy their enemies. Not being quite as heavily armored as the Ironbreaker or the Black Orc, the Knight of the Blazing Sun relies heavily on these skills to keep himself and his friends alive to fight another day. As a Knight, players will engage in battlefield command. All allies within earshot will strain to hear their orders above the cacophony of battle and will follow them without question. As a result, their chances of survival will increase to the point where a reckless person might even become hopeful about the prospects of victory.

Knights of the Blazing Sun

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