Estalia in Flames

Estalia in Flames
Story So Far

Estalia is a land of rolling hills, warm days and cool nights. Over the past few years civil war has threatened to tear the land apart. The two most powerful kingdoms of Estalia, Magritta and Bilbali have yet to commit any troops or support for this civil war. However, both kingdoms have increased security by posting additional guards on their borders, increased the number of patrols by the House Guard, and have recruited additional mercenaries to their standing armies. The natives are restless, and there seems to be an undercurrent of electricity in the air as the citizens of both Magritta prepare for the inevitable.

As for Magritta, Over the last five years the kingdom has fallen on hard times. Rey Magritta is old and his eldest son is woefully unequipped to take the throne. The other kingdoms of Estalia smell blood in the water. In the past, the only thing that has saved Magritta from falling was strong leadership and the fact that Rey Magritta’s House Guard are known to be the best in all of Estalia.

Now that the king has fallen ill and has become weak in his old age the last line of defense is the well trained ranks of Diestro holding strong against would-be assassins.

As Estalia stands now, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty kingdoms. Unfortunately due to the fluid state of politics in the land, the number of kingdoms change every day. There are several kingdoms which seem to be holding their own at this time in history. Magritta and Bilbali are two of these.

Over the pas two years the Irrana Mountains have become a death trap. The never ending line of trade caravans that flowed through the mountains has been choked down to a trickle as Greenskin raids became more fierce and frequent.

One year ago, in the year 2536 (Empire Reconing) King Marcelo Diaz of Muros died suddenly and his son took the throne. Since that time the conditions in Muros has gone from fairly peaceful to a state of revolution. King Marcelo was a kind ruler, easy on his people both with taxation and with handling minor unlawful transgressions. The people flourished under his rule. When his son took over, being full of fire and determination he raised taxes, created more harsh rules for his subjects and in general made life hard for his people.

In the last few months, a large retinue of knights have amassed on the border between Bretonnia and Estalia on the Bretonnian side of the Brienne Estuary. It appears that word has reached the southern city-states of Bretonnia that civil unrest has beset the whole of Estalia and the Bretonnian Lords are waiting for Bilbali to become ensconced in the civil conflict and weakened before swooping in and carving off a piece of Estalia as their own.

As if this is not enough, Arabian Corsairs have also begun to be sited regularly off the coast of southern Estalia, likely for the same reason the Bretonnian knights have gathered.

Sensing the coming conflict, mercenary forces from all across the Old World have converged on Estalia, looking for spoils of war, to make a name for themselves, or perhaps to just loot the bloated corpses that will likely litter battle fields after civil war has swept across Estalia like flames whipped by the wind…


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