Lorenzo de la Vega



The 22 year old young man is rakishly hansom in the way a predatory bird is beautiful. His piercing copper eyes will either warm your heart or penetrate your soul. Standing 5’ 9” and weighing in at 160 lbs, his lithe muscular body belies the gauntness in his cheeks; a mere memory of the nearness poverty was to his family.


The Vega family was once a proud and prosperous one. When the two eldest sons were killed in battle, Indigo Vega inherited the fortune and prestige of the household when he was still an impetuous child. Young and ignorant of the responsibilities upon him he became known in circles of high society as an entertaining and ostentatious gambler.

Soon he married Maria Lopez and fathered two children, Lorenzo and Ysabel. It was not long however before Indigo squandered the family fortune on drink and dice. Eventually he died, death coming to him as a result of his gluttonous adventures. When the drink had finally caught up to him, it was rumored that the debtors had too. It is said that he spat in the face of those that came to collect his wealth, and his soul. The hearsay was that he swore a hidden fortune was buried and none would have it but his son, Lorenzo. A son he never told where to look.

Lorenzo was young at the time that he inherited his household, like his father, but did his best to keep the family afloat. A bankrupt shipping company was worth little when he was force to sell the ships to pay off his father’s debtors. Even when that revenue was all gone, the collectors still came. Eventually, through an exhaustive effort by himself and his mother, the Vega family managed to break even. Little could be done to rebuild however.

Enlisting the help of an old friend Maria de la Vega was able to install her son Lorenzo into the home of the prestigious Miguel Adolpho Magritta, as his ward. Lorenzo now vehemently carries out the requests of his ward with all honor and respect due to a man of his station. Always doing his best to mince words and talk his way out of a confrontation; however Lorenzo is not afraid to draw steel if it comes to that. No one that knows him would ever say that he is not a man of honor, but Lorenzo knows that this is the last chance for him and his family and he’s willing to do what needs to be done no matter what.

Though constantly plagued by the shadow of his father’s spendthrift nature, and the debtors that resulted, Lorenzo is committed to the idea of restoring his family’s honor through his dedication to the Magritta line.

Lorenzo de la Vega

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