History of Estalia (by date)

History of Estalia

compiled by Miguel De Borgia

History of Estalia

All asterisks are estimated dates based on the best information that is available as exact dates were either unknown or not willing to be shared by those with records. All Dates have been set to the Imperial Calendar

The Ancient Era

-3000-2600*: Elven colonies are founded on the sites of what is to become the Estalian cities of Magritta and Bilbali centuries later.

-2600-1997: A period of relative peace and prosperity in Estalia with trade between Elven colonies and dwarven holds flourishing.

-1997-1560: The War of Vengeance between the Dwarves and Elves erupts. The conflict largely avoids Estalia with only minor skirmishes are fought between the Estalian Elves and the Dwarves of the Irrana mountains.

-1560*: Vast majority of elves withdraw from the old world following the War of the Beard. The Elven colonies in Estalia are abandoned. A few hardy elves refuse to leave and retreat into what becomes known as the Pina Woods. These elves eventual become known as the Maderarasi to the Estalian people.

-1500*: Earthquakes ravage the World Edge Mountains and the slow downfall of the Dwarven empire begins. The dwarven holds and outposts in the Irrana Mountains are abandoned as many clans as they retreat back to the principle holds. The withdrawal of the Dwarves leads to the invasion of much of Estalia by Greenskins, rat-men and other vile creatures.

-1100 -1000*: First tribes of men arrive in Estalia. Begins a period of constant and brutal warfare against the Greenskins, Beastmen and Rat-men.

-550-500*: The settlements of Bilbali and Magritta are founded by the leaders of the two largest and Estalian tribes on the ruins of ancient elven cities.

-321: Battle of the Estalian Sons. The Bilbali and Magrittian tribes join forces with numerous smaller tribes to repel a massive Waaaagh led by Warlord Gazhok Skullbreaker. Records indicate that the battle was won with the arrival of the Maderasari who helped turn the tide of the Greenskins. Skullbreaker was said to have been slayen in single combat by the Lord of the Maderasari.

-320-319: Following the Battle of the Estalian Sons the leader Magrittians Marcelo Magrittia dies of his wounds. This is followed by an attempt of Biblelo Bilbali to unite the Estalian tribes under a single banner. What results is the first Estalian civil war.

Since the coming of Sigmar

0: Sigmar crowned Emperor

42: San Luis separates from Bilbali following a prolonged military and political struggle. Both states remained closely allied to this day.

112: An attempt to remove the Maderasari from the Pina Wood result in the death of Philip Alesso, Prince of Bilbali. Of the 10,000 men who entered the wood, only 1 returned.

800-852: Border wars between Bretonnia and Bilbali

991- The Second Estalian civil war begins, lasting 12 years.

1217: Skaven emerge from warrens beneath Bilbali and nearly overrun the city.

1425: Bretonnian knights are defeated by Tileans in the Tournament of Ravola. Bretonnia
pledges to never invade Tilea.

1449: The Black Sultan Juffar invades Estalia from Araby. Magritta along with much of Southern Estalia south of the Irrana Mountains are conquered.

1450: Knights from Bretonnia and Empire arrive in Estalia to assist the northern city states to defend their lands and to drive back the Black Sultan. After a grueling decade long campaign, the Temple of Myrmidia in Magritta is recaptured by a force of Imperial knights who found the Order of the Knights of the Blazing Sun in Myrmidia’s honour.

1565: Several Estalian Princes send aid to the Prince of Torbaro in the reclaiming of his city from the vile Skaven.

1592: Rival expeditions to Lustria as sent by Magritta and Bilbali. Both expeditions return with chests of gold and rare artifacts despite suffering greater than an eighty percent casualty rate.

1751: The Vampire Nourgul assault Estalia with his zombie horde conquering a large portion of Southern Estalia. Within Estalia this period is known as the War of Blood.

1813: The Red Pox ravages Estalia with numerous raids by Vile Skaven sacking numerous minor Kingdoms and besieging Magritta.

1921: Reman forces invade Estalia cross the Abasko Mountains. They are driven back after 5 years of War.

2199-2201: Trade Alliance with Marienburg is formed and takes up a blockade of Imperial ports in order drive up the price of food and to expand their profits. Eventually this results in civil war in the Empire and the destruction of Marienburg. Following the destruction of the Marienburg alliance Bilbali and Magritta relationship deteriorated and fell into old rivalries and started nearly 10 years of warfare.

2203: Warfare erupts across Tilea and the Border Princes as mercenaries companies ravage the lands. Estalian Mercenary Alesso Alfoni leads his compamy from Magritta to Tilea where he establishes a new principality from the ruins of Organzo.

2210-2212: Warfare erupts in the Northern Empire over the Imperial elections. Numerous Estalian mercenary companies travel north in search of employment.

2212- The Peace of Verin is signed by Bilbali and Magritta ended the third Estalian civil war.

2242: Alliance of Estalian Princes headed by Prince Dimas Moreno of Bilbali invades and conquers much of southern Bretonnia. This begins nearly three decades of war in Southern Bretonnia. The fighting ended following the Siege of Brionne and the signing of the Treaty of Brionne in 2274.

2271: The Great War of Chaos is fought in the north. Following the war, the Estalian Inquisition set about to destroy any and all chaotic forces within the Kingdom. The practice of using magic is outlawed on pain of death by the Church of Myrmidia

2349: Pirates from Sartosa ravage Estalian coast.

2351: Trade war erupts between Magritta and Marienburg. Privateers on both sides ravage the sea lanes. Many of the pirates who were previously raiding Estalia are employed.

2438: Inquisition which hunters stumble on a chaotic cult in the process of summoning Demonic forces. Striking during the summoning ritual the cult lost control of the chaotic energies and the artifact that channeled them. The resulting explosion destroyed an entire township near Magritta. To this day, chaotic energies remain strong in this area.

2483: The ban on the practice of magicks is grudgingly lifted by church of Myrmidia. The Estalian stats all rush to establish colleges of magic. To the horror of the Inquisition many of the states can’t afford to maintain their schools resulting in numerous magic users being taught outside the supervision of the Inquisition. Only Magritta and Bilbali maintain official colleges.

Recent Era

2512: After years of escalating tensions between Magritta and Bilbali war breaks out. Following the Battle of Gerdos, the Kingdom of Muros is founded

2518: Muros sends envoys to Tilea, Bretonnia and the Empire to establish trade and political relationships with mixed success. The newly crowned Prince Mariago Alfonti welcomes the Muros delegation warmly.

2521: Great Storm of Chaos rages across the Empire. Several Estalian princes send their armies north to help stem the tide.

2523-2529: Warfare erupts in Araby and the spice trade grinds to a halt. When aid was requested by Shiekh Tariq Abbas. Both Queen Maria Senora of Magritta and King Leandro Ibarra of Bilbali refuse to become involved, instead choosing to focus on their longstanding rivalry. Shortly after the conflict, a vast force of Tilean Mercenaries and young knights of Bretonnia sail for the Eastern Realms.

2530-2535: War erupts in Cathay all silk and spice trade from the orient grinds to a halt. Prices for luxury goods spike as Arabian traders monopolize the market. Rumours of a great war raging in the catacombs under the Wastelands of the East reach the surface. Skaven sightings across Estalia see a marked decline.

Winter 2534: An unusually harsh winter blankets Estalia, Tilea and Bretonnia. In Bretonnian lands unprecedented peasant uprisings erupt over high tax rates, food shortages and what was called aristocratic gluttony. There are rumours that many disenchanted young knights and members of the merchantmen supported/joined the peasant uprising demanding changes to the Bretonnian system of government and rule. In the court of King Leoncoeur frenzied debate erupts over what is to done. The court is divided by racial groups on both sides. Disgraced Lady Evette Petres emerges as a leader of one of the factions.

2535: Arabian traders purchase huge portions of the merchant companies as a method of reclaiming the debt that is owed to them in the spice trade. In Estalia, sightings of vile ratmen spike as rumours swirl that they are searching for an ancient artifact.

Spring 2535: Fresh rounds of uprisings erupt across Bretton lands. The Duke of Milone is murdered during an uprising. Although the murderer managed to escape different factions within the Court of the King seize the event and twist it to their advantage.

2536: King Marcelo Diaz of Muros suddenly dies, his son Reyes takes the throne. In the Irrana Mountains, caravans are becoming increasingly targeted by ever more ambitious Greenskin raids. Minor border skirmishes occur on the Estalian and Bretton border as young knights begin massing on the Bretonnian side of the Brienne Estuary. Arabian Corsairs begin being sighted regularly of the coast of southern Estalia. Sensing the coming conflict, mercenary forces from across the old world converge on Estalia.

2537: War erupts in Estalia

History of Estalia

History of Estalia (by date)

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