Ruler: Miguel Adolpho Magritta

Magritta is the largest and one of the most important settlements in Estalia. The port city is located on the northern shore of the Southern Sea where the river Tagos flows out in the Bay of Quietude.

To protect their vital maritime trade, Magritta maintains a strong presence in the Southern Sea, effectively controlling it and aggressively patrolling against pirates and imposing an impromptu levy on trading ships of other nations.

People from Magritta have established a colony in Lustria, called Santa Magritta. The archecclesiarchy of the Cult of Myrmidia is located in Magritta where the principal temple is located. It was in this temple that the Knights of the Blazing Sun where formed.

Estalian guide to the city


Estalia is definitely one of the most unique lands in the Old World. To those who come from the Empire or Kislev seems an oasis of tranquility in the war-torn continent. The stuffs of Chaos, though present, are very weak and is usually manifested by rare incursions. But even they do not constitute a real threat since Estalia has the service of large sailing ships armed with cannons.

Beastmen are not here, and the greenskin tribes are few and far more primitive than their cousins​from the Empire or Bretonnia. About the only real threat are the Goblinoid tribes of the Irrana Mountain that continue a bloody guerrilla war with the highlanders of passes. This does not mean that people Estalia live in prosperity and peace.

There are the constant threats of ambitious pirates, Tileańs, and caliphs, who often try to plunder merchant ships of Estalia. Also raids of privateers and creatures from Naggaroth, the Undead Kingdoms, occasionally harass the coast. The biggest threat, however, are regular inter-war routes and zones of influence. This problem particularly applies to Astarios – one of the two most powerful kingdoms on the peninsula – and its capital, Magritta.

Magritta – Geography

Peninsula of Estalia

The Estalian Peninsula is the most westerly part of the Old World. Its shores are washing water of the Great Ocean, it traverses across the massif Irrana and fix the zone of influence between the two largest kingdoms Astarios and Tigarre.

In addition to these two political bodies function here smaller kingdoms, principalities, counties, and palatynaty centered mostly in the mountains Irrana. Mosaic of small principalities like little Duchy limits, since they control the power of the fittest fighters, having enough charisma to enforce it in the area. This means that in certain territories, the most to say are the usual band of thugs and cutthroats, continually turned the war for supremacy, and the zone of influence are changing as a kaleidoscope. Malicious people say that living in Estalia is safe, with no serious enemies, so they fight among themselves.

In Estalia there is a dry warm climate, but the amount of the rainfall is sufficient for the development of agriculture. It is grown mainly vines, olives and cereals. Estalian wines are considered one of the best wines in the Old World, to successfully compete with kislevian honeys and spirits, Breton brandy or wine Tilean products.

Residents say Estalia staroświatowego language variation. Dialect called Estalian, due to the common past of the Empire Remańskiego, is very similar to Tileańskiego. However, confusion between the resident Tilea Estalijczyka by both regarded as a great insult.

Magritta and other land Estalia

Magritta controls part Tileańskiego Sea basin, called the South Sea, and its influence dates back to the pirate coast in the south. Not much going on in that area without the knowledge of Magrittian captains.

The situation on the ground is much more complicated. While the south is the undisputed Estalia Magritta local hegemon, it has strong competition in the form of smaller states. Formally, an area controlled by Magritte Astarios this kingdom, whose ruler is King Carlos Montoya Aguilar IX, skilful soldier and merchant.

From the west Astarios Santoyo bordering the kingdom with its capital in Belmoz. Santoyo controls Guadariz valley and the western part of the Alboran route. Magritta tends to assume both of these favorable trade routes.

In the east, adjacent to the principalities Magritta Gualcazar and Zaragoza, also called Zaraguz. Commercially, both powers are becoming more dependent on Magritta due to the displacement of local currency by gold magrittiańskie excelente. To make matters worse the local factories and mines of silver, because of considerable income, are a source of conflict with Tileańskim Tobaro. This forces diukach Rodrigo Cordova to Saragossa and Emilio Martin of Gualcazar military alliance with Astarios, which further strengthens Magritta influence in the area. However, the two principalities are important trading partners for astoriańskich merchants and fleets, especially considering the fact that these are the major supplier of timber for the shipyards in this part of Estalia.

To the south of Magritta is her biggest commercial rival on this side of mountains Irrana – Cantonia kingdom with its capital at Almagor. Currently Magritta dominated trails in this part of the Tileańskiego, which is a big blow to Cantonii. Consistently performed strongly strikes the right to store the Almagory rulers who tried to answer a customs war, especially in the trade in timber, flax and hemp (raw materials needed for the fleet), but Astarios easily found alternative sources of supply. Some success in this field Cantończycy accomplished, driving up grain prices, but it inflamed relations with Tobaro. To avoid the invasion and takeover of the mine in the Western Mountains Abasco, King Rodrigo Sanchez Burgos IV – Cantonii ruler – is forced to negotiate with Carlos IX concessions on trade issues.

Astarios designate the northern border of Mountain Irrana Monteñas principalities, Llalqueño and Reas. In the corridors of the royal court is considering a political marriage with the Duchess of Carlos IX Reas Tigridą Arlanza, which would guarantee full control over the central-western part of the Mountains Irrana and one of the most powerful fortresses in the area. Consequently, this would mean a great political defeat of the kingdom of Bilbo, who have lost influence in the northern slopes.

Equally likely is the marriage of another mountain princess – Ava Silos lady on Ragaños. Although age and beauty is second predecessor, but is much richer, and such a union in practice podporządkowałaby Magrittcie Zaragoza and Gualcazar – due to the commercial and political dependence. Ava silo is related to the two princes to the extent that legal claim to the throne when the childless death of one of the rulers. What’s more, Magritte is the main recipient trump goods produced by the two principalities, and more lumber and grain. Without Astarios two powers would have to sell your products further and more expensive such as Tileańskim Tobaro or Bilbo, which would greatly reduce the competitiveness of goods.

Kingdom Astarios

Kingdom Astarios covers large area. Its jewel is the capital city of Magritte, but travelers can easily find other charming places. One is the county Javea, ruled by Earl Geraldo Jalisco. Javea is a small port on the Gulf Peace, east of Magritta at the intersection of the highway and the highway cuerneńskiego tobarskiego. The town is small and relatively young, but because of its location is growing very rapidly. Residents living from agriculture and fishing, but slowly begin to participate in the land trade. This town provides a nearby fort – Castillo del Tiburon, which guards the eastern entrance to the Bay of Tranquility.

To the west lies the village Torrosa Magritta in the care of the Countess wields Raquel Valesquez, the current favorite Carlos IX. The source of the richness of its lands are vineyards, shipyards and, of course, catches of fish and other seafood. Torrosa is located at the alborańskim connecting with Belamoz Magritte. Security provides the Castillo del Toro, the fort is located on the western promontory at the entrance to the Gulf of Tranquility.

To the north of Magritta tagos River is the largest town of the kingdom – Moleno. On behalf of Carlos owns the ninth Earl of Antonio Escobar de Ragaños. Gentleman has a reputation pijanicy, violent man and litigant, but despite these drawbacks is a competent manager. Moleno is beyond Magritte’s richest county. Antonia’s grandfather, Manuel de Ragaños, was master of the Ragaños until the military coup that brought to power, ruling the father of Ava – Tomas Silos. Since then, the family serves Del Ragaños Astorios rulers, opted for the invasion of the mountain principality and is the biggest political opponent of the marriage of Carlos IX of Ava Silos. County maintains the mining of iron ore in the foothills of mountains Irrana, cereals and vines in the valley and cattle.

Magritta – Estalijskich Kingdoms largest city – is located in the southern part of the peninsula on the Gulf Peace Estalijskiego. Coast in this place goes back into the land, creating a huge natural harbor. The basis for the functioning of the maritime trade and shipbuilding. Here are processed metal ores and minerals mined in the surrounding mountains, and especially good with Moleno iron ore and silver from the mountains Abasco. Poorer inhabitants live from fishing in the waters of the bay. Currently the castle dominated the trade and maritime transport. Control of trade routes from Arabia and Southern Kingdoms brings local merchants to huge profits.

The city’s history

The origins of the settlement

The first buildings erected on the Gulf Peace elves even during the Golden Age of Discoveries in the Imperial Calendar -4320 years. Asura built the port along with him guarding the castle. The favorable conditions allowed for the gradual growth of the settlement, the colony survived so happily outbreak of civil war and the War of the Beard. However, KI -1600 years the elves, obey the command of the Phoenix King, evacuated the city should never leave their habitat.

After the departure of the old race city gradually began to settle people from local tribes. They lacked the knowledge, and their builders learned the only stone and they could not renovate the building elf. For this reason, this wonderful little houses and palaces have stood the test of time. The tribes people, who colonized the area, proved to be very quiet, willing to negotiate a seat and trading with their neighbors. Also showed a flexible moral backbone: the areas under their control to the power of the slave trade flourished, especially in the Arab Lashiekiem.

Despite the peaceful setting, Estalijczycy proved to be warriors valiantly when KI -1200 years Nehekhara Empire began to expand into areas Tileańskiego Sea basin today. Domains in the southern part of the peninsula – and in particular the then ruler of Magrittcie, Zaragoza, Almagorze and Gualcazar – formed the alliance. Amenemhetuma armies conquered territory of present day, and Principalities Tilea Border, yet another campaign, not crossed the pass or beat Tramato estaliskich ships at sea. Nagash’s intrigue further expansion Nehekhary shattered, Estalia and again plunged into the breakdown of the District. This state lasted for many years. During this time the rulers of individual districts were at each other constantly, small wojenki for supremacy, in which one did not receive an advantage.

The war with the Empire Tileańskim

In 73 years of KI on the border of the Empire legionaries stood Estalia Tileańskiego (sometimes called the Empire Remańskim or Luccińskim – historical documents from that period are very vague on this point). AntyTileańskie Estalia sentiment dominated since time immemorial. This stemmed from the fact that the inhabitants of the now defunct Kavzar (Tylos) willingly marched to the ground today after Estalia slaves. Tilean Army was seen as a common enemy, the kingdom thus formed a coalition, but neither Magritte, nor the power in the Massif Mountains Irrana not joined the alliance. Internal quarrels and disputes were too deep to support the proud rulers deign to be in the hour of the invasion.

It soon became clear that the legionnaires are perfect warriors who broke the defense of the passes, and quickly won the major cities of the alliance. The massacres and indiscriminate selling people into slavery undermined the morale of other Estalijczyjów. In subsequent years, through invasion or subsequent diplomatic agreements of the city came under the rule of Emperor in Luccini. In 78 years Magritta KI also became part of the Empire Tileańskiego by marriage of the then prevailing Miranda Mercedes II and his brother Gnaeus Tileańskiego ruler Augustus.

The paradox of imperial rule was to unite all under one scepter Estalia and recognize the authority of one superior, even if Tileańskie state ceased to exist. During this period Magritta has benefited. Even then, was the largest town on the peninsula, so Tileańczycy chose her to the provincial capital, and are successfully wkupili estalijskiej in favor of the nobility by marriages, trade privileges and diplomatic games. The city began to grow rapidly, the aristocracy built magnificent villas and public buildings. From that time comes mighty seaport with their devices, which today is the pride of the city.

Peace and prosperity did not last long, however, already in 451, KI, on the southern coast of the Old World fell invasion combined fleets of dark elves and the undead Kingdoms. Fortunately for estalijskich Magritta and other cities, the invaders have concentrated on the coasts of present Tilea, especially harassing Sartosę. However, with the raids in the years to attack coastal villages and towns. The then ruler Magritta – Manuel II Aguilar – decided to build fortresses: Castillo del Castillo del Toro and Tiburon, which were to protect the Gulf of Peace, and to erect fortifications. The suit quickly followed other magnates.

It turned out that Manuel II was right. In the same year the powerful greenskin invasion put an end to the Empire Tileańskiego. The great state disintegrated into a hostile principalities and kingdoms. Tilean administration and the soldiers remained, however, for 491 years Estalia KI, only Estalijczycy ripe for termination of obedience. The coup was almost bloodless – part of the legionaries and officers returned to Tilea fight the Orcs, but the majority remained in Estalia assimilated with the local population.

Independent Estalia and Arab conquest

Unfortunately, not over tendencies to independence. It quickly became clear that anyone who has enough charisma to muster a few rębajłów and well holds a sword, it may become a ruler. Estalia again plunged into a small wojenkach, fought through numerous kingdoms and principalities, which took the place of the imperial provinces. Permanent state of breakdown does not interfere with or subsequent invasions of the Dark Elves, Undead, or rallies, or even the appearance in the 1017 years of the Norse pirates KI.

At that time the biggest threat to the kingdom was Astarios Cantoni, which slowly began to rise on local power, but in 1448 years KI suddenly the situation changed. Nobody knew that the Sultan of Saudi Jaffar came in cahoots with skavenami. To disturb the relative peace in the Old World, szczuroludzie tyrant convinced that the northern barbarians live in low-aggressive warfare capabilities, but the immense wealth. At the same time insisted that staroświatowcy are deeply non-religious and intolerant, and especially hate the followers of Ormazada. The Sultan can be and has not believed in ensuring Skaven emissaries, but from 1017 years of Sartosie officiated KI Norsi who behaved exactly as shown in szczuroludzie.

The Sultan has gathered one of the largest armies in the history of the world and crossed the Estalia, almost simultaneously attacking all the southern kingdoms, including Astarios. Magritta fell after a few days of siege, the city’s inhabitants were sold in most major markets in Lashiek. The invasion of the enemy and cut off most of that time Magritta – Cantoni – the kingdom is still not regained its glory then.

The brutal occupation of southern Estalia, the terrible repression of other faiths and the offensive against Tobaro led Bilbo and Brittany King and Emperors (in the Empire lasted just a religious civil war – a bloody prelude to the Age of Three Emperors) to take action against the Arabs. The conflict was the first contact that Old Worlders with mystical and magical genies poorly recognized and ifrytów – spirits of the desert. Unfortunately for the Sultan and under coalition unanimity of Arabs accused of dabbling in demonology and necromancy. Even today, many centuries after the invasion, the knowledge of the Arabic school of magic is negligible outside of Arabia, and its adepts of the Old World, risking death at the stake.

Arabic conquest, however, was extremely gracious to Magritta. The city clearly captivated the sultan and his nobles. Jaffar ordered the extension of the palace complex, in particular the royal gardens, because he intended to make the capital of its Magritte new caliphate. Demolition of poor neighborhoods and their residents zagoniono to slave labor. Sets new streets, houses and buildings were erected, expanded to strengthen the city. Increased construction works lasted throughout his eight years of Arab occupation.


Meanwhile, the city Tileańskie, Empire, Brittany, still independent kingdom Estalia and several minor principalities Border domains formed the alliance. The sign of the coalition forces was a cross, an ancient symbol of unity. From the Breton word la cruoix to be known as the period of wars with the Arabs crusades.

Interview Jaffar worked quite efficiently and quickly learned of the march of the army cross. The first clash with the Crusaders in the Mountains zagonami Irrana gave a foretaste of the power of the approaching army. The Sultan did not want to risk a clash with such force and began the evacuation of troops to Saudi. But it turned out that Estalia not given up without a fight. One of the caliphs, Wazar cruel, did not obey the Sultan’s orders and began to get ready for war. He applied a scorched earth policy, destroying entire villages and cities. The Arabs took food and feed, and drove thousands of local people on the slave market or to hard labor in the construction of fortifications Magrittian. Modern bunds Magritta come from the times Wazara. Although the towers in a square, the walls without a slope and shooting galleries running through the entire cross section of the wall is already obsolete, but Magritta is still considered difficult to obtain a fortress.

The problem with the Caliph was a small number of troops. He reached the unprecedented solution, unwittingly became the father of a future trade and Estalia Tilea of ​​Southern Kingdoms. Wazar najmował whole armies of black mercenaries valuable enough bells and beads. While in the Old World with the warriors could hardly be seen as light infantry and even rearmament by the Arabs, it has numerous advantages: the poisoned arrows, high resistance to heat, or scary habits (totems of human remains, cannibalism, self-mutilation).

Extensive preparations were rescued but the caliphate. In 1456 years the state Wazara KI was limited to Magritta, and the armies of the Cross began its siege. The Arabs fought bravely, but they could not cope with the strength of the coalition army. The city fell, and during his distinguished themselves get used Myrmydii knights of the Order of the Blazing Sun. Knights, monks turned out to be irreconcilable enemies of the Arabs, all sorts of pirates and buccaneers. Magritta became the base of the Order, Knights clearing sea lanes, protecting convoys to Arabia and contributed to the development of maritime power of the city.

Unfortunately Astarios with the religious marriage did not last long. Knights, monks believed by the heathen Arabs and mortal enemies, and did not cease to attack Arab ships and property, even when there was peace. This state of affairs could not appeal to buyers, who began to lead with Saudi and more profitable business. Mercantile families eventually forced the then ruler of the introduction of numerous tax burden Order. To avoid bankruptcy, embittered by the knights in 1556, KI had left Magritte, swam on board their vessels in an unknown direction. Legend has it that until I return, as long Estalia not unite.

Development of power

In 2320 years of KI Skaven attacked ships anchored in the port magrittiańskim. They managed to set fire to four ships: “Verro”, “Don Alacant”, “King Leo” and “Sperm Whale”. Szczuroludzie destroyed, many of the ports and warehouses. Only in the morning watch the attackers struck, forcing the survivors to escape. After this event, the port was rebuilt, raising only the brick warehouses and stores, carefully planning their setting, the height and opacity forcing clay tile roofs.

Another startling historical storms spared Estalia continent. Kingdom lived in relative peace, alternately trading and fighting with each other. Even during the Storm of Chaos part estalijskich mercenaries was extremely modest, but merchants readily supplied as coalition partners and forces Archaona. Currently Magritta is the most important port of the Old World in trade with Arabia and Southern Kingdoms. The city could not as yet play a greater role in trade with the New World, but no longer in the field to compete with Tileańczykami. Efforts are numerous activities settlements on the shores of the New World, combined with expeditions into the lands of Lizardmen and against the wild tribes of greenskins in the steaming jungles of Lustria. Especially desirable are gold, silver and precious and semiprecious stones. Estalijczycy more boldly take action against korsarzom of Naggaroth. Large sailing ships estalijskie became a serious threat to the Dark Elves. It quickly became clear that only the Dark Ark and some of the galley fire risk may start with them.

Magritte, like all Estalia, fighting for dominance Tileańczykami Tileańskim Sea, especially with the pirates of Sartosy. It was the kingdoms Estaliskim Tilea residents owe the opinion of adventurers and sea robbers.

Today Magritta

Currently the castle is the largest and most important city on the peninsula Estalijskim. Astarios kingdom, whose capital is Magritte, is regarded as the leader of military and commercial. Ships of that city reigns supreme in the Gulf of Peace and the surrounding waters. The masters are trying to extend its patrols the entire output of the Great Ocean, and force the flow units to Magritta wrapping. This is definitely not the taste of the Arabs and Tileańczykom.

The main opponents are the privateers of Lashiek and Copher, serving individual kalifom and Tileańczycy, especially the pirates of Sartosy. Arab corsairs and Sartosańczycy widely recognized as the sea robbers, and even a privateer letter does not guarantee safety. Under the law Estalian captured pirates are garrote he strangled, and smeared with tar corpse hangs a warning on a small island at the entrance to the harbor. For this reason, the crew of pirate ships on all the available ways to avoid war, squadrons of Magritta, and when this is impossible, fight to the bitter, almost never gets discouraged.

The city has six gates and a gate called the Gate Sailing sea. Land to the city can be accessed by the Gate of Manuel I, Myrmydii Holy Gate, the Gate of the Minotaur, Silver Gate, the Gate and the Gate of the Three Merchants privateer. All are located on the Arabian fashion between the two towers and withdrawn the entire perimeter of the wall to the center of town. Every one who tries to break them, will be in the firing from three sides at once.

The city is divided into two zones. The first is the old town, built on the remains of the elven ruins, the other is called the New Town. Magritte is surrounded by two rows of walls and the space between them is too broad and can not climb inside the buildings. The front wall has a foundation below the rear foundation wall. In many places the ground between the shafts reach halfway up the front wall. This makes it difficult to work moles, rams and artillery.

Old Town

In the center of Old Town stands the magnificent palace complex and garden belonging to it. Around the district inhabited by the gentry and merchants. Living in this part of Magritta the general opinion is a sign of prestige. The exception is the port district, connecting the squares exhibition. Sailing jumble you search through the streets, despite the efforts of the city guard, effectively breaks the opinion that part of town.

Input port to the city is guarded by a castle just called Hold. Streets in the Old Town are carefully planned, simple and clean. Scrupulously guards patrolling them incorruptible and every ragamuffin (for example, adventurers) can expect interest in law enforcement. This is where there are residences of the rich and the most important offices.

Between Old and New Town’s market square and the Grand Circus. The market runs every day from the port of a broad stream of goods. In the square merchants offer grain, meat, cloth, all types of wood, ranging from the simple pine stands up to the exotic and Ebony sandałowcach ending. The stalls and shops you can buy any kind of weapon and armor known in the Old World. There are many Arab merchants trading in ivory, exotic skins and furs, spices and fruits. The fruit baskets are piled up in cocoa, ginger, dates and coconut. Old World Merchants conveyance coal and ore metals. Provide timber, furs, fish oil, amber, ribs, corn, animal and plant breeding. Because of the highly developed shipbuilding industry, a very well developed trade in wood, canvas, ropes, linen, hemp and tar.

For illegal drug trade is here, though, remember that the perpetrators of the crime Magrittcie under their influence can count on a particularly harsh sentences, if any, will bother to watch the process. Usually waits captured immediately hanged or galley slave.

It is prohibited the marketing of poisons, the outside of licensed pharmacies. Violation of the ban is tantamount to a death sentence. Trade is strictly prohibited Chaos artifacts and products arising through the magic of the jinn and ifrytów. Violating this prohibition trader risked putting the “gracious” and “merciful” judgment witch hunters who “generously” and “noble” will save the soul of the sinner, burning at the stake.

Artisans filled a niche created by increased trade. Wheelwrights, coopers, blacksmiths, szkutnicy, powroźnicy and weavers offer their goods or services to buyers your way to the trail.

Magritta is one of the few cities where the slave trade is permitted. Theoretically, it is subject to restrictions: a merchant is required to free the children of slaves born in captivity, also prohibits the trade in so-called citizens’ civilized countries. " The term that means the Empire, Kislev, Bretonnia, and some of the Duchy Tile Border, Karaz Ankor and Ulthuan. The ban does not include more Arabs, residents of the Southern Kingdoms, or tribal members from the New World and beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains. An exception is also subject to the pirates. Lobby traffickers forced the need to justify in any manner whatsoever nationality. In practice this is difficult because few people have lists of credentials and signet of arms.

New Town

New Town is the opposite of the old town. Fire is a venal and mean a damn about their duties. The streets are rather narrow, poorly planned and overcrowded. Tangled up in them a variety of individuals ranging from the mentally ill, by preachers, peddlers, for all sorts of zbirach ending. New Town is surrounded by a single wall that separates it also from the Old Town, and the gates are at the height of the markets and the circus. This solution is not in the local flavor złodziejaszkom, which is difficult to work on big market place, because in times of trouble do not really have nowhere to flee. Guards at the gates can be quickly and easily block a ragamuffin in the Old Town has little chance of successful escape. In practice, the thieves left only port where it is uncomfortably easy to come across the recruiters.

The new town was built during the Arab invasion, when surrounded by a wall with a large suburb military camps and slave pens. Although during the siege, it burned completely, gradually has been rebuilt and occupied. Today it is inhabited by poorer sections of society.

Unusual places

Royal Palace and Gardens

Royal palace and gardens are undoubtedly the jewel of architecture. Its unusual shape of the seat of the king owes to the Arab conquest. It Jaffar ordered reconstruction of the castle built on the ruins of an elven palace. The best craftsmen and they built wonderful jugglers colonnades and arcades, lined with colorful mosaics and wall ornaments, covered the buildings complex floral patterns, so characteristic for the Arab art. The palace has gained soaring slender towers.

It is said that in the private chambers of the sultan was a special bedroom, consisting of a pool filled with poisonous water in which swam bed. The edge of the reservoir roamed lions guarding the peace of the Sultan, and the bed had floats and barriers to combat accidental immersion sleeping in a deadly trap. King Carlos asked about this place is smiling mysteriously, never giving an answer.

This is not the only secret of the palace, known by at least three bedrooms that are the product of a sick mind Wazara cruel. The rooms look like a normal bedroom, but the lodges are will collapse. When they wanted to get rid of someone secretly and without witnesses, bravo pulled the rope behind a drapery on the corridor, and the unfortunate man fell to the bottom of the shaft straight sharpened metal rods. People disappeared without a trace, and were only looking for the missing empty bed.

The great pride of the city are the royal gardens, built by Jaffar for women of his harem. By order of the Sultan built fountains and aqueducts to carry water, and trace the path that light strewn boulders. Arab gardeners brought in palm trees, banana trees and date-trees, planted cedars and sandalwood, and discounts filled exotic and colorful orchids and other wonderfully fragrant flowers.

Despite the bloody siege and terrible destruction the palace and gardens were saved, but were mercilessly plundered. The winners did not destroy the Arab works that please the eye even today visitors mansion Carlos IX.


The circus is a building which is an intermediate form between the arena and the track for horse racing. It was built back in the days of the Empire Remańskiego, has room for fifteen thousand spectators. Front of the building is decorated with ancient carvings have long since forgotten heroes and emperors. From the top cloth impregnated with special screens to protect from the heat and rain. Copper shield placed in sensitive areas provide excellent acoustics.

Both horse racing and gladiatorial combat arouse strong emotions, but they can not compete with bullfighting. This is a great passion Estalians and always provides the stands filled with spectators to the limit. Traditionally, they roll fencing school students, showing off his skill. It is a carefully planned event, where the fencer is to demonstrate the efficiency, courage, skill and extremely skilled hand. The culmination of the fight should be a sword piercing the heart of a bull.

Similar emotions as well as raise bullfighting fighting Minotaurs. Swordsman, which will for such a duel, crazy risks, but the monster is unarmed. However, the winner becomes the hero of the city, especially if you kill the beast of pure engraving in the heart. Circus willingly hires hunters who undertake to bring alive and relatively healthy bestigora Minotaur or the characteristics of a bull.

Port and Island hanged

Port District and a small rocky islet near the entrance to the harbor is one of the more dangerous places in Magrittcie, even in comparison with the New Town. The streets around the clock linger sailors from all over the world, usually tipsy, prone to fights and looking for female companionship. Uncommon care about the refusal and in fact only a strong guard to avoid trouble.

Streets are winding, and – despite the efforts of urban architects who want to organize the district – like a maze. In fact, only the port warehouses and workshops, and buildings along the main thoroughfares are equally marked out, carefully Walled and covered with tiles. Other structures are colored, dirty and uneven mixture of styles and building materials. Port dominated taverns and zamtuzy offering tired, sailor brothers their services. Among the winding streets can easily stick to the gang recruiters and criminals involved in the slave trade. It is usually a gang of armed osiłków solid stick or network. If the expected strong resistance from the victim, herpes switching from strength solutions, in a pub to add alcohol to knock down a drug capable of robust dwarf. Captured in this way usually wake up in the middle of the sea and they are left with no choice but to join the crew.

Magrittiański port is famous for its shipyards. The dry dock is built up and renovating big, modern sailing ships. Astarios forges its naval power, more boldly throwing Tileańczykom challenge at sea.

Near the entrance to the port’s Island gallows – a bleak place, where from time immemorial angle, away from the audience, makes judgments on all of which has not been done for example urban horror crowd. The body is hung on the gallows or in cages to warn entering the port. Inevitably, this is the final resting place of captured pirates.

Besides the king happy in this place their scores handled by urban gangs. Island so strongly marked by evil, death and suffering also pointed out the Dark Powers. M.Sc. repeatedly saw disturbing turbulence Dhar. Grim joke is that as the cemetery where there was quite a lively atmosphere. Often there have been meetings with the zombies and skeletons, footprints show that inhabit the island of ghouls, and the city executioner and his aides argue that it haunt the ghosts at night. Many times they had to intervene on the island of witch hunters, as there appeared necromancers, trying to develop their dark arts. Typically, visitors to this place are firmly armed, it is not recommended for single trips to the area.

Important people

Bernard Kandizzero

Bernard Kandizzero a small, gray man with a beard and distinctive triangular mustache. Gentle look nice old lady, however, is extremely misleading. Bernard is one of the most brutal, vicious and hypocritical witch hunters. He believes that those who have come before him, are guilty of all charges of a crime, and the even more disgusting is certainly one of them squeeze. The conviction is based on the conviction of the rightness of their views and above average “knowledge”.

Kandizzero is a complete paranoid podejrzewającym absolutely all of the worst crimes on the flimsiest of information. Repeatedly evoked in the general hysteria, accusing many innocent people. Carlos IX had to intervene personally to prevent riots, and the investigator has found many enemies, including some very influential.

Bernard loves to celebrate the processes and hearings, usually conducted investigations stagger getting “wider” and end up sending dozens of people to death. He loves to invent endless conspiracy theories about the complex, so real and totally imaginary. Kandizzero has a tendency to over-interpretation of facts, falsification of evidence and extracting confessions. Witch Hunter thinks indeed that the testimony given without torture are false and useless. To ensure safety, to live in highly fortified house with a large group of professional rębajłów, armed men, and religious fanatics convinced of the sacred mission of the hunters, and so loyal.

Kandizzero avoiding action in the field, relieving the mercenaries. He believes that the conspirators and assassins certainly lie in wait for his public appearance. Intermittent leave his residence, usually only to call officials, and always in a strong guard.

Hernan Rodriguez-Montenoya

Hernan Rodriguez-Montenoya is one of the greatest swordsmiths of the Old World. Magritta known for its excellent cast steel, highly esteemed in all the markets of the Old World. Hernan decided to use the fencing needs of schools and proximity to markets in the lymph and Tileii Brittany. He forged rapiers, swords and swords a reputation well-balanced and chic, and this is due to przepięknemu, inspirowanemu cyzelunkowi elven art. Baskets and dace performance of his arms are covered with bronze, gold and silver, and often also handle skillfully and intricately forged.

Hernan products reached up to the Empire. Powerful, two-handed espades brought fame to the blade with a long Banderia mercenary knights from Tilea and Brittany. It quickly became clear that the swords can easily slit the knight not only chaos, but also kill dosiadanego his mount.

The Master always adds to his catalog rare materials that are reinforced forged blade. Nobody, not even Hernan does not know is that his mastery is apparent from the stain of Chaos. The mutation causes the craftsman subconscious knows what to add, that the blade has gained incredible properties. Interestingly, he forged weapons are not weapons of Chaos. Montenoya avoid distortion, aware of the dangers of this substance. Eagerly looking for rare minerals, minerals, precious and semiprecious stones. Sometimes also uses substances such as blood or other tissues of the beastmen or greenskins, which unfortunately attracts the attention of investigators, especially Kandizzero. Sometimes at night, Hernan bloody haunt dreams in which he is forced to see their products in action. The city is circulating a rumor that if you put the blade swordmaker water in the stream, which flows flower petals, if you just touch the blade will cut.

Ongero Ngwanayo

Ongero Ngwanayo is undoubtedly a man of success, and one of the most recognized figures in the city. Pirates gave him the nickname “Cannibal” and gladly would see him dead. Ngwanayo comes from the Southern Kingdoms, and – like all the inhabitants of this region – has a black skin. The body is covered with a black man ritual scars, which further distinguishes it from the crowd. It is these scars cause an avalanche of rumors, supposedly he is a cannibal.

Ngwanayo twice and twice was a slave freed, reaching the honors. As a child he was captured and sold in Lashieku caliphs, where he eventually got to watch the Arab Mamluk ruler. He soon began to take part in the piratical raids on the coast of Southern Kingdoms, Estalia and Tilea. Ngwanayo began to learn navigation, seamanship and rules of naval warfare. It turned out that Black has an extraordinary grace Ormazada or as they prefer Staroświatowcy, Manann. Led by the ships without major bodily withstand even the wildest storms, which provided a sailor respectability around the Korsarskim Coast.

His career was interrupted Ongero successor Caliph, who drugged drugs, he had to play throw the Negro overboard. Has the unfortunate slave ship and sold it to people hunters Carlos IX. By chance, the king discovered the talents Ngwanayo, ordered him released and sent to the fleet. From this point of his career gone in a flash, through all levels of sailing. Shows a mighty sailing ship today “Minotaur”.

Ongero remembers the details of each body of water, after which the sails, well-known shoals, reefs and ocean currents. Ideal dangerous marine creatures can sense the incredible ferocity of tropical and pirate ships. To this day it is loud diplomatic scandal that caused by attacking and sinking off the ship Jean de Brionne Froy, better known as “Black Valesquez”. Ongero always looking for volunteers for the crew, although it has a reputation as an extremely happy, endowed with the grace of the gods of the skipper, it’s always during the voyage bears considerable losses among the crew.

The Great Siege

The siege and capture of the city by the army of the Cross was certainly the biggest event in its history. The situation Wazara tyrant, who was preparing for his defense, was not so hopeless as to be considered adopted. He managed to turn in an impressive fortress town, while gathered a large force, and ravaged the countryside, making it impossible to gain koalicjantom supply. Spies told him about decompression and niesnaskach prevailing in command of the army of the cross and hoped that he would bleed opponents enough to induce them to negotiate.

Negotiations were to allow it to maintain power over Magritte and nearby lands, even if nominally had to recognize the supremacy of one of estalijskich rulers. The beginning of the siege seemed to confirm assumptions Caliph – Crusaders encamped, and aristocrats raised the argument of the command of the operation. Nobody cared about sealing lap. A week later furażerom Wazara managed to get into the city with supplies. At sea, it was even worse, only three weeks after the beginning of the siege fleet blocked the Gulf Peace Cross, finally cutting off the city.

Providence became the husband Jose Urrea, commander of the Order of the Blazing Sun, called El Sid. His incredible charisma and fiery speech allowed him to rise to the troops gathered in the camp. At odds generals, seeing that they lose the authority they had to give it the command of the storm.

Urrea brought engineers and technicians, who quickly went to work. Soon, the city dropped dozens of missiles, causing fires and damaging braces. Taken the attacks on the walls of the test using ladders and rams to investigate the strength of individual episodes. The Arabs quickly defended the city, prompting reluctant admiration of the Crusaders. Meanwhile, engineers built a wooden tower in front of city gates, preventing movement in the vicinity. Simultaneously, the Crusaders built the ramps, which allowed ships to transport by land and wodować them at bay without the forts protected the entrance.

However, vessels directly threatening the port were not the worst surprise, what was waiting defenders. Hired dwarven sappers and guided by them, people in just four days they built six hulajgrodów. Among them was the “Fist Grungni”, one of the largest in the history of siege towers. It consisted of several levels on which is set to increase combat capability ballista machine, and the whole covered with metal sheets to protect against arson. Thrifty dwarves also covered all non-alum towers.

Finally, an hour before dawn, Jose Urrera gave the signal and the armies of the Cross began a decisive assault. Towers of creaking, launched an attack, a barrage of artillery filled the city on fire missiles. Ships attacked the port, regardless of the galley fire and coastal defense machinery.

The defenders began shelling the approaching hurricane attackers. The Crusaders have suffered huge losses, but still rubbing. Two hulajgrody collapsed as a result of fire, the other machinom however, managed to reach the wall. A particularly fierce battle was fought in a place where attacked the “Fist Grungni”. The Arabs, realizing the power of the machine, desperately pushed back the tower poles and prevents dropping the platform, a crossbow and balistycy gathered among them a bloody toll. Axle boxes of the tower unleashed a real fiery hell.

The decision came, however, in another place, where the battle was equally dramatic. Knights of the Order of the Blazing Sun attacked near Gate Minotaur. Knechci tower pushing every step had to pay tribute bloody, damaged by the catapult machine but finally reached the wall. Defenders maźnicami and showered her with burning pots “dragon fire”. Alum was not enough and the tower stood in the fire. When the flames reached higher and higher, and her desperate crew flee to the next level, we managed to abandon the platform. Desperate knights and knechci runęli the walls, led by the El Sid.

Fear on the bridge and parapet was terrible against the knights, monks stood spahisi and the Mamluks of Wazara Guard. Nobody gave grace, or did not ask for it. They were beaten with despair and desperation, realizing the consequences of defeat. Urrera commander fell mortally wounded at a number of blows. The event, which is to undermine the morale of the attackers, caused the opposite effect – the knights came upon a wild rage and revenge. From the fury of demons worthy of Khorne naparli the defenders.

Heavier armored and more accustomed to the Arabs to-hand combat, crashed at the end of an array of defense and secured the wall. Knechci przystawili ladder and began to encroach on the shaft, extending outpost. Soon came the gate of the Minotaur and more Crusaders got back beyond the walls.

The fight moved into the streets, beaten by every house, alley, and a barricade. Flames and smoke wykurzyły defenders of the next places, and in the evening only defended the palace, but even there the Crusaders finally broke. At the head of the winners walked knights of the Order of the Blazing Sun. Wazara cruel they found in the throne room, an Arab was ready to give a huge ransom, but he did not know about the death of El Sid and knights of consuming fury. Intervened before the generals, the caliph was killed with the sword nailed to his throne. That was the last act of the great siege of the city.

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